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The Southern Theater, 1420 S. Washington Ave., Minneapolis

Jennifer Glaws brings her viscerally honest choreographic voice and rich investigations in ENERGY and SPACE to the Southern Theater’s stage for a one-of-a-kind performance by Jagged Moves. The full evening, featuring an all female modern dance sextet, explores the central themes of boundaries and reclamation as flutist/composer/improviser Julie Johnson performs a live original score of her experimental and contemplative music. The dancers traverse the soundscape and the mysterious sculptural environment created by designer Jess Kiel-Wornson as they investigate the spaces between “us” and the relentless proclamation of the female voice. Crafted collaboratively between Glaws and the performers, the choreography amplifies the energy, chemistry, and responsiveness to the interruption of personal space by exhibiting a raw, physical, and exposed view of the tensions, control, power, or lack of power, in human proximity.

Featuring performing artists: Emilia Bruno, Emma Marlar, Gemma Rose Isaacson, Julie Johnson, Marisol Nicole Herling, Sharon Picasso, and Tori Casagranda

Collaborating Artists: Sculpture Design: Jess Kiel-Wornson; Sound Direction and Design: Dan Dukich; Media Collaboration and Design: Kym McDaniel; Lighting Design: Mike Grogan; Technical Management: Sarah Salisbury

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